Playtime Firefighter Paper Doll

Paper doll dressed in firefighter's outfit

Our Playtime Firefighter Paper Doll is here to take part in lessons about fire safety. Firefighters are an important part of the team of Essential Workers during this Pandemic. This paper doll can be a good teaching tool or a fun addition to any child’s paper doll collection.  It’s good project for practicing cutting skills too.


Not everyone knows Benjamin Franklin was a volunteer firefighter who at age 30 established Philadelphia’s first fire department whose members pledged to hasten to the scene should a fire break out in a fellow member’s home. Source: History – Roster From Ben Franklin’s Fire Department Found

  1. Select your favorite Playtime Paper Doll Body and Hair. Print and cut out. If you are selecting the black and white version, color before you cut out.
  2. Print out the uniform and glue. Remember your firefighter can be a boy or a girl by changing the hair. Glue the hair before you add the hat.

Now you are ready to have your Playtime Firefighter Paper Doll come to the rescue of other Playtime Paper Dolls in danger.

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