Paper Loop Ornament Craft

Ornament made from scraps of scrapbook paper

Here is an idea for using some odds and ends of scrapbooking paper for this beautiful Paper Loop Ornament. Chances are you have lots of scraps of  beautiful paper left over and what better way to use them.


Before World War II, many ornaments Americans purchased were imported from Germany. But once World War II started, Corning, an American glass company, started making ornaments out of a light bulb machine. Source: Huffpost – 9 Things You Never Knew About Your Favorite Christmas Decorations

  • 2 one inch by twelve inch strips of colorful scrapbook paper
  • 2 decorative circles of scrapbook paper
  • Filament
  • Sharp scissors
  • Ribbon
  • Glue
  1. Cut two 1 x 12 pieces of decorative scrapbook paper and glue into two circles. Using the picture as a guide, glue one circle inside the other.
  2. Using a complementary scrapbook paper, cut out two circles. Place a string of filament between them and glue together.
  3. Attach the filiment to the inside of the loops.
  4. Make a bow and glue to the top of your ornament. Attach a loop of filament to the bow so you can hang your creation from your Christmas tree.

Make lots of these easy ornaments in the same color to create a theme tree or lots of different combinations.



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