Folded Christmas Angel Craft

Folded Christmas angel for your tree or package.

Angel crafts were part of our  church’s recent 50th anniversary and Ulli Schaeperkoetter showed us how to make these lovely Christmas decorations that were handed down from her mother in Germany. Folded angel crafts were used as favors for our Anniversary dinner. The kids will enjoy making them as ornaments for the tree or decorations for their packages. We’ll make Ulli an honorary member of the Free Kids Crafts team for sharing this craft with us.


Angels are often shown in art as having wings and a halo. The wings represent their speed, and the halo represents their holiness. The cherubim in art always appear as baby faced angels with very small non useful wings. Source: Kiddle – Angel Facts For Kids

  • Old hymnal pages, appr. 6 x 9 inches*
  • Thin gold wire**
  • Gold ribbon, 1/16 inches thick***
  • Either wooden or white pearl beads, appr. ¾ inches in diameter, with hole through middle
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Ruler

*If you don’t have an old hymnal, photocopy pages from one.

**The wires should be cut to 8 inch length.
***The gold ribbons should be 16 inches long.

  1. Fold pages accordion style (appr. ½ inch folds, tight and even).
  2. Divide folds in half, make 2 inch cut from top for wings, fold them down (one left, one right of angel body).
  3. Thread wire (8 inches long) through bead (=head), tie tight knot on bottom of head. Attach head to angel body by tying wire ends tight around angel body.
  4. Thread another wire (8 inches long) through head and tie far ends into knot. (This will be the loop to hang the ornament from.)
  5. Tie gold ribbon (16 inches long) in a bow around angel neck (under the wings).
  6. Glue wings onto body and bring angel into shape.



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