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Every Olympics has to have a mascot, so the FreeKidsCrafts team thought of an easy way to make your own original character based on an old idea. This is also a great decoration for packages. At Christmas label the packages like this for the kids and let them search for the packages that are theirs. Cut them out of shiny paper or add a little glitter for sparkle. In case you didn’t recognize it, our mascot is made from the name Jamie.


Olympic mascots have been a key part of the Games since 1968. They’re tasked with giving concrete form to the Olympic spirit, spreading the values highlighted at each edition of the Games; promoting the history and culture of the host city; and giving the event a festive atmosphere. Source: – Mascots

  • Construction Paper
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Wiggle Eyes or other decorations
  1. Fold paper in half lengthwise.
  2. On the outside of the folded paper draw a gradually decreasing line. See the photo.
  3. Then in script write your name or the name of the person holding the “Olympics”. Use the fold as the bottom of the name making sure that some of the name touches the fold, just like making a snowflake.
  4. Make the name in outline so you can cut around it.
  5. Cut out and open. You will be amazed at the different looks that will be created. We took photos of two names, Jamie and Tyler for our mascots
  6. Glue on Wiggle Eyes or other decorations.
  7. You’ll find lots of other Olmpic Crafts to complete your outdoor adventure.



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