Tissue Paper Olympic Rings Craft

Olympic rings made from squares of tissue paper.

This Olympic craft was designed to help everyone get into the Olympic spirit. Have the kids make these Tissue Paper Olympic Rings as a group project. Great craft to teach color recognition and coordination.


The Olympic rings of blue, black, yellow, red and green traditionally represent the five different areas of the world involved in the Olympics (North and South America are considered one area, along with Africa, Australia, Asia and Europe).

  • Olympic rings pattern (click on the pattern below)
  • Tissue Paper: Red, Black, Green, Blue, and Yellow
  • White Glue
  • Card Stock or Heavy paper
  1. Click on the pattern below and print out Olympic Rings pattern.
  2. Cut out around the outside of the rings leaving a small border before you glue the tissue paper. Do not cut out the inside of the rings or it will become too flimsy to work on.
  3. Cut tissue paper into 1″squares. Crumple each piece into a tight ball. Dip into white glue and place onto pattern. Continue crumpling and gluing down pieces until the entire pattern is filled.
  4. Once your creation is dry, you can cut out the insides of the rings.

Now sit back and cheer on your favorite Olympians. Don’t forget to print out a copy of the Summer Olympics Scavenger Hunt 


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  1. wow ! what a good craft and inteligent !

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