Tissue Paper Bald Eagle Craft

Easy Bald Eagle Tissue Paper Craft with Pattern

Save the Bald Eagle day is January 10th and we thought this tissue paper bald eagle craft would be the perfect way for children to raise awareness. It also makes a great decoration for an Eagle Scout celebration.  we’ve supplied the pattern all you have to do is twist up the tissue paper.

Trivia: The bald eagle is the  national bird symbol of the United States, and has a white tail and a snowy-feathered head, not a bald one. Since the restriction of the use of DDT in 1972 the bald eagle has rebounded and the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has upgraded the birds from endangered to least concern. Source: National Geographic – Bald Eagle

  • Card Stock or Heavy White Paper
  • Tissue Paper: White, Brown, Black and Yellow
  • Tacky Glue
  • Scissors
  • Paper plates or paper bowls
  1. Print out the pattern below on card stock or heavy white paper
  2. Cut tissue paper in approximately one inch squares (these don’t have to be perfect) I put them in paper bowls to keep them from fluttering away.
  3. Put a small puddle of tacky glue on one plate
  4. There are two ways to make these tissue paper crafts and I have used both of them on this project. for small areas like the beak and the eyes, I roll the tissue paper into a small ball dip it in the glue and place it on the pattern. For larger areas, especially those that are more fluffy like feathers or fur, I twist the tissue paper around the eraser end of a pencil and dip it into the glue and while still on the eraser, I place it on the pattern. This gives it more definition and fills the space quicker.
  5. We decided to cut our eagle out and mount it on blue card stock so the white would show better. You could also print it on blue card stock but would need to be sure that the blue didn’t show through the white tissue paper.

Editor’s Note: We used a random mix of black and brown tissue paper for the body of the eagle it seems to give it a better look than a solid color.

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