Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts

Valentines made with construction paper and tissue paper to look like stained glass.

Have the kids make Tissue Paper Stained Glass Hearts from different shades of pink and red tissue paper. Hang it in the window and let the kids watch the sun shine through their beautiful craft.


Scholars such as Pierre Vinken and Martin Kemp have argued that the symbol has its roots in the writings of Galen and the philosopher Aristotle, who described the human heart as having three chambers with a small dent in the middle. Source: History.com – What Is the Origin of the Heart Symbol?

  • Black Construction Paper
  • Pink and Red Tissue Paper
  • Gold Cord
  • Glue Stick
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  1. Fold black construction paper in half and cut out half a heart on the fold.
  2. Cut the inside of the heart out so you have a frame. See illustration for a guide.  Make two more in different sizes.
  3. Glue hearts onto different colors of tissue paper. Cut around frame. Overlap. Glue.
  4. Punch a hole.
  5. String a cord through the hole. Tie a bow to hang.
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  1. Cute idea for girl scouts

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