Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet

How to make tissue paper flowers for Valentine's Day.

Make one single bloom or a whole bunch of flowers for this Tissue Paper Flower Bouquet to put in a special vase for Valentine’s Day, Mothers Day or just because you want to. Tissue paper has long been a favorite material for making flowers and this is a great introduction to easy flower making.


Over three thousand years ago the Chinese started raising silkworms to make silk for cloth, medicine and artificial flowers for the very wealthy. Source:  enotes.com – What is the history of artificial flowers?

  • Red and Pink Tissue Paper
  • Green Pipe Cleaners
  • Foamie Hearts
  • Heart Gemstones
  • Feather Boa
  • Cardboard Cone
  • Red Paint and Foam Brush
  • Tacky Glue
  • Scissors

Instructions to Make Flowers:

  1. Cut tissue paper into 5″ x 11″ pieces.
  2. Stack four pieces in alternating colors.
  3. Accordion fold back and forth in 3/4″ folds so you have a 3/4″ x 5″ bunch. Cut the ends rounded.
  4. Pinch together the middle of the tissue bunch and twist a folded pipe cleaner tightly around it.
  5. Fan out the folds of tissue.
  6. Gently pull sheets apart starting at the top and shaping the flower as you go.

Instructions to Make Vase:

  1. Paint cardboard cone red. Let dry.
  2. Decorate by gluing on foamie hearts and heart gemstones.
  3. Cut a piece of feather boa and glue around the bottom.
  4. Push the stems into the top of the cone. You may have to cut the top off the cone to make more room.


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