Magic Valentine Painting Craft

Magic painting and transfer art; that kids will love.

Regular school paints  become magic when you float them on top of milk and turn blobs into Valentines that you then make into prints. This is a craft that kids love to get into. Each print is different. Sometimes because it becomes a different shade and sometimes because you introduce another color. There are so many options. Kids that come to my house always request this craft.


The oldest known prehistoric art wasn’t created in a cave. Drawn on a rock face in South Africa 73,000 years ago, it predates any known cave art. However, caves themselves help to protect and preserve the art on their walls.  Source: History – What Prehistoric Cave Paintings Reveal About Early Human Life

  • Milk (Homogenized was used here, but you can experiment with any kind)**
  • School Paints or Liquid food coloring
  • White Paper
  • Toothpick
  • Disposable Pan (big enough to hold your paper

**Editor’s Note: We tried this using food color on top of shaving cream and it made beautiful prints. Didn’t try the Valentine however.

  • Pour some milk in your disposable pan so that there is a shallow pool of liquid.
  • Pour some small amounts of paint or a few drops of several colors of food coloring in the milk.
  • Using a toothpick, swirl the colors together. To make the heart drag the toothpick from the top center of a round circle through the middle of the bottom. Use the photo for reference.
  • Lay a piece of paper in one move over the design making sure all areas are down and pick paper back straight up to prevent runs.
  • Lay  paper out to dry and then use to make a card or wrap a present or perhaps to frame.
  • Rinse out the pan after you have tried different color combinations and repeat with new combinations. It’s great fun.

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