Potpourri Air Freshener Craft

DIY Potpourri air freshener made with a balloon and starch covered yarn.

This delightful Potpourri Freshener is a great gift for Mothers Day or any special occasion. It will make that special someone think of you every time they open their closet and smell the pleasant aroma.


“Potpourri,” from the French word for “rotten pot“ (“pot-” meaning “pot” and “-pourri“ meaning “rotten“), is commonly used to describe “a collection of dried flower petals, leaves, herbs, and spices that is used to scent the air.” It was common practice for the French in the early 17th century to use these mixtures to scent their homes. Source: The Herb Lady – A HISTORY OF POTPOURRI 

  • Cotton Yarn
  • Small, Round Balloon
  • Disposable Bowl
  • Potpourri with Large Pieces
  • Lace for Trim
  • Newspaper
  • Hot Glue Gun
  1. Cover your surface with newspaper
  2. Blow up the balloon to about 3″.and hang it so that any drips will land on the newspaper.
  3. Pour a cup of  Liquid Starch into a disposable bowl.
  4. Cut yarn into 1 yard pieces. Dip into starch and wrap around balloon. Continue until you have the balloon evenly covered with yarn. You will have spaces with the balloon showing through but make sure they are small enough that big pieces of potpourri will not fall out.
  5. Let dry overnight.
  6. Pop balloon and pull it out.
  7. Snip a few strands of yarn near the top of the ball. Push potpourri through the opening. Use glue gun to close strands.
  8. Decorate with lace and make a hanger out of cord.




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