Printable Super Bowl Scavenger Hunt

Printable Super Bowl Scavenger Hunt for kids

Get the kids into the Super Bowl excitement with this Printable Super Bowl Scavenger Hunt. They will be watching the screen raptly looking for the clues to mark off their sheet. Adults aren’t the only ones who like a challenge. This printable is good for one or many children and teaches them to be observant of the little things in the midst of a big event.

Trivia: Of the over 700,000 footballs produced each year for official NFL use, 72 of them are used for the Super Bowl. Source: Kidzworld – Super Bowl Fun Facts & Trivia

  • White Paper
  • Pen or Pencil
  • Color Printer
  • TV
  1. Print out enough Scavenger Hunt sheets so that each child has their own
  2. Pass out pens or pencils
  3. Have the kids write their names on the sheets so they don’t get mixed up in the excitement of the game
  4. Tune the TV to the Super Bowl and get ready for the fun
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