DIY Olympic Memory Game

This Olympic Memory Game provides an opportunity for kids to get into the Olympic spirit and also practice those memory skills with this easy craft. If your favorite sport isn’t among those pictured, just make up your own memory cards using those symbols.


According to historical records, the first ancient Olympic Games can be traced back to 776 BC. They were dedicated to the Olympian gods and were staged on the ancient plains of Olympia. They continued for nearly 12 centuries, until Emperor Theodosius decreed in 393 A.D. that all such “pagan cults” be banned. The first modern Olympics were held in 1896.

  • Card Stock or Heavy Weight Paper
  • Printer
  • Scissors
  • Construction Paper (optional)
  1. Click on Printables and print out two copies of the Olympic symbols onto cardstock. If you use regular copy paper you may need to mount it on construction paper so that you cannot see the symbols when they are turned upside down.
  2. Use as many symbols as you feel the child is capable of working with. Perhaps starting with 9 and expanding as they become more adept.
  3. Lay the symbols out upside down and have the child turn over 2 at a time encouraging them to remember where they saw each symbol. When they turn up two matching symbols leave them facing up until all of the symbols are face up.

Have fun with learning in the Olympic spirit.

Patterns, Templates and Printables

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