Floam Octopus Sculpture

Image of Floam Octopus Sculpture

What fun to sculpt things like this Floam Octopus! Floam  can be made thick, which is the best for sculpting, or thinner to play with as slime. It all depends on how you make and store it. It is important to remember that this floam is not meant for toddlers and pre-K children who are inclined to put everything in their mouth but certainly can be a lot of fun for the rest.

Water is what keeps your slime from getting hard. If you want to keep it to play with as slime, make sure you store it in an air tight container so the water doesn’t evaporate. For our project you want to make and keep your octopus so after we are through it will be left out in the air to dry.

We did a little research to find out what makes slime work and found an interesting article called The Science Behind Slime.  Here is a quick overview of the process but for a more in depth understanding of the process read the article. The two important ingredients for slime, polyvinyl alcohol (sounds impressive) but you find it in washable school glue and borate ion, a component of liquid starch. The polyvinyl alcohol in washable school glue is attracted to the borate ion in liquid starch.  The two molecules form long chains, and those chains form  slime. So mix up a batch of slime and have fun sculpting our octopus or one of your own creations. Don’t be afraid to experiment.

Add this recipe card to your collection of craft recipes. We will be creating more so find a place to start and keep these fun recipes so you can refer to them for future craft projects.  You’ll find another recipe to add to your collection here: Homemade Dog Treats

  1. Make a batch of floam slime (see recipe). For sculpting, thicker is better.
  2. Roll a 2″ ball of slime. Place on wax paper. Press down about 1/2″ thick for head.
  3. Press in two 5/8″ wiggle eyes.
  4. Roll out eight 1/2″ tubes of slime about 6″ long. Using the photo as a reference, press one end of each rolled tube into the flattened ball to make legs. Bend each into squiggle shape.
  5. Let dry for about 2 days and peel off the wax paper.
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Image of Floam Octopus Sculpture








Image of Floam Octopus Sculpture

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