Poop Emoji Pencil Toppers

You might even get your boys involved with writing about their summer adventures after they have created these Poop Emoji Pencil Toppers! They have just the right amount of gross. Once they get started let their imagination run to many other objects to sculpt with one of the DiY recipes for Slime and Air Dried Clay. We also have a recipe for a Floam Octopus if you are looking for a range of ideas.

Ask any ten-year old. It doesn’t get any better than this! Poop and DIY edible slime.

We decided to try a poop slime challenge to test the best way to make these pencil toppers.

Option 1 : Basic Slime     

1 cup Elmer’s White Glue

5 – 7 Tablespoons of liquid starch

Brown Food Coloring or Slime Coloring.


 Pros:  The most fun to make and play with

Cons: Does not keep it’s shape long enough to harden



 Option 2: DIY Air Dry Clay

Also called edible slime or DIY Model Magic

2 cups baking soda

1 cup cornstarch

1/12 cups cold water

Brown Food Coloring or Slime Coloring

Pros: Very inexpensive, Probably have the ingredients you need around the house, Dries fast.

Cons: Tastes bad. Different consistency than model magic. Kinda heavy for a pencil topper unless you make a small one.

Option 3: Model Magic

Model Magic

Brown Food Coloring or Slime Coloring

We bought a big tub of white and coloring so it would be less expensive.

Pros: Dries fast, Light weight

Cons: Expensive, kneading in the coloring is fun but it stains your hands.


The winner for making this project: Model Magic

Tips: If the dye gets on your hands, a vinegar and salt scrub will get a lot of it off but we suggest rubber gloves when using concentrated coloring.

If you would like to print out the recipes for the Basic Slime or Air Dried Clay just click on the line and it will take you to the page to print the recipe.

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