Inspirational Rock Craft

Stones Painted with Inspirational Messages

Kids can make Inspirational Rocks for themselves or for someone who may need a little boost in confidence. They can also play Rock Hide and Seek with them and leave them for anyone to stumble upon and brighten their day. It is a good project to remind them that kindness can be contagious and they should pass it on. It might be fun to make one for each of your neighbors especially the older ones to give a boost to their day.


Inspiration Definition: the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. Source: Google Definition

  • Medium sized stones with a flat surface top and bottom
  • Paint
  • Paint pen or permanent marker
  • Newspaper
  • Paintbrush
  1. Select stones that will provide a good surface for painting and a flat bottom so they will sit on a desk or table.
  2.  Spread your work surface with newspaper to protect it.
  3.  Wash stones and let dry completely.
  4.  Pick a background color and paint the whole stone, let dry.
  5. Use a paint pen or marker to write an inspirational thought
  6. Then decorate with your paint pen or a small brush and paint.



4 thoughts on “Inspirational Rock Craft”

  1. So simple and cute. Love it! Will keep in mind for my Grandma Bag.

    Visiting from the Grandma Ideas linky and will surely be back!

  2. kat cossey says:

    Pretty cant find smooth flat stones any suggestions dont have them at Lowes or Home depot….found some out side had to paint thanks

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