Printable Loteria Bingo (Spanish Version)

Printable Loteria game, spanish version

The Loteria Bingo game was designed with the many Spanish speaking children and others that are learning to read and speak Spanish as a second language. In Mexico this is a great party game and is fun for a Mexican themed birthday. You could add Paper Bag Serapes, Cactus Favors and Maracas. along with other fun Mexican style crafts.


Because the Loteria cards include the name of the pictured character, they are used to teach reading, writing, history, and social values Many bilingual teachers use the game as a teaching tool in the United States. Source: History of La Loteria – Teresa Villegas

  • White Card Stock or Heavy Paper (you can use white paper and glue it onto cardboard or card stock)
  • Scissors
  • Chips, Stones or Beans
  • Glue Stick (Optional)
  1. Print and cut out cards and boards, If you have printed them on regular paper, mounting them on cardboard or card stock will make it possible to use them for a long time

How to Play:

The rules are basically the same as Bingo. Each player is given a board or tabia . One by one, the caller picks a card from the deck and announces it to the players by its name. Each player locates the matching pictogram of the card just announced on their board and marks it off with a chip or other kind of marker. In Mexico, it is traditional to use small rocks, or beans as markers. The winner is the first player that shouts “¡Buena!” right after completing a line across, horizontally or diagonally.

Patterns, Templates and Printables

Click on a pattern to open it in a new window to print

Free Loteria Bingo Cards

Free Loteria Bingo Cards



3 thoughts on “Printable Loteria Bingo (Spanish Version)”

  1. Annie says:

    Your Loteria cards are very nice. However I would like to know what the DOM word represents? The picture looks like a sun which in Spanish would be “SOL”. I imagine for rabbit you chose a female one instead of a male rabbit which would be “CONEJO”. Your site and materials are impressive. Thank you for making them available to us.

  2. Betty Bose says:

    Thank you for your input. We have corrected the printables per your information.

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