Coupon Book for Dad

Let Dad know that you want him to be happy all the time, not just Father’s Day, with this Coupon Book for Dad full of special happenings just for him. Be sure to have the kids include a mix of fun things to do and chores that they will cheerfully perform to help him out.

Trivia: It is believed that the first recorded observance of Father’s Day in the U.S. was on July 5, 1908 at the Williams Memorial Methodist Episcopal Church South in Fairmont, W.Va., where they held a special service to honor 360 men — most of them fathers — who had died in a coal mine explosion seven months earlier.


3 thoughts on “Coupon Book for Dad”

  1. A Groves says:

    would be good to have a range of coupons to suit children of all ages for their fathers – i.e my 4 yr old isn’t going to be able to promise to mow the lawn or wash the car! but the peaceful car journey may apply!

  2. arianna lorenz says:

    Thanks for the idea

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