Printable Easter Buddies Paper Dolls

Image of Printable Easter Buddies Paper Dolls

Easter is almost here and here are the Easter Buddies Paper Dolls all dressed up in their Easter finery. The kids will have fun dressing their favorite Buddy Paper Doll in the colored outfit we have provided or selecting their own colors for the black and white version. Let the kids have fun inviting all of their Buddy Paper Dolls to celebrate Easter in colorful outfits.

Trivia: Paper dolls have been around as long as there has been paper. Faces or other objects were applied to the paper and they were used during religious rituals and ceremonies in the Asian cultures many centuries ago. In Europe, particularly France, the first paper dolls were made during the mid-18th century.


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  1. Peace says:

    The colored version of the dress is posted twice.

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