Playtime Tie Dye Paper Doll

Printable tie dye paper doll for children

Our retro Playtime Tie Dye Paper Doll is ready to have fun dancing or going to a party. Get your friends together to have a  party and have everybody make their own favorite Playtime Paper Doll.


In the late 60s, tie-dye fell to commercialisation on the US east coast after an employee of the failing Rit Dye company persuaded his bosses to swap powder dyes for squeezable liquid versions – all the better for creating tie-dye with. The garments went on to be sold at Woodstock, a seminal moment marked by Janis Joplin on the stage in head-to-toe tie-dye. Source: The Guardian – Acid days: how tie-dye fashion went mainstream


*You can use regular paper here too but the card stock will hold up better.

  1. Print out your favorite Paytime Paper Doll Body and Hair by clicking on the link in the supply list.
  2. Then Print out your Tie Dye Paper Doll clothes.
  3. Have the kids cut them out and glue to their Playtime Paper Doll and get ready to play.
Patterns, Templates and Printables

Click on a pattern to open it in a new window to print in the correct size




One thought on “Playtime Tie Dye Paper Doll”

  1. Tess says:

    I would like for you to bring back the scout paperdolls.

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