Paper Plate Flower Basket Craft

Decorative Flower arrangement made on paper plates

It is springtime and Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Make this Paper Plate Flower Basket to hang on your door or give to Mom on her special day.


The first thing a baby can vocalize is the ‘ma’ sound, which is why in almost every language the word for mother begins with the letter ‘M’ or is some iteration of the ‘ma’ sound. Source: Town & Country – 19 Mother’s Day Facts to Share With Your Mom

  • Two Paper Plates
  • Flowers Printed on Teal Paper
  • Flowers Printed on Pink Paper
  • Flowers Printed on Yellow Paper
  • Leaves Printed on Green Paper
  • String for Hanging
  • Six Pipe Cleaners
  • Tacky Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  1. Print and cut out flowers in three different colors, you can use our suggestions or make up your own combinations.
  2. Print and cut out green leaves. Printed side will be the back of the flowers and leaves.
  3. Bend pieces up slightly on the dotted lines. This will make the flowers more interesting.
  4. Using the picture as a reference, assemble six flowers by layering pieces and glue to the paper plate.
  5. Use a small dot of glue in the center of each piece to secure.
  6. Decorate the rim of your paper plate with simpler flowers.
  7. Punch two holes in the upper third of the paper plate and add string for hanging.
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6 thoughts on “Paper Plate Flower Basket Craft”

  1. Nina Lewis says:

    This is so cute! Do you have a printable pattern for the flowers?

  2. Terry H says:

    What do you use the pipe cleaners for? Are they stems to be poked into the paper plate and secured on the back?

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