Playtime Martial Arts Paper Doll

Martial Arts Paper Doll for young children

This Playtime Martial Arts Paper Doll can be a boy or a girl and can represent all of the martial arts. Judo is in the Olympics and your Martial Arts Paper Doll can join the Olympic festivities.


Judo was created in 1882 by Kano Jigoro Shihan. As an educational method derived from the martial arts, judo became an official Olympic sport in 1964 (after being named as a demonstration sport at the 1940 Tokyo Olympic Games which were cancelled due to international conflict). Source: Kodokan – History of Kodokan Judo

  1. Print and cut out your favorite Playtime Paper Doll Body and Hair.
  2. Print and cut out your Martial Arts outfits and glue to the body. Then glue on the hair.

Now you are ready to join your other Playtime Olympians for all the fun.

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