Origami Turtle Craft

DIY Origami Turtle with diagram folding instructions.

Origami can be complex or simple. We’ve tried to keep it easy enough for young crafters and complex enough to provide beautiful addition to your origami collection.


Turtles date back to the time of the dinosaurs, over 200 million years ago – woah!These cold-blooded creatures have an incredibly long life span. The oldest ever recorded, named Tu”i Malila, of Tonga Island, passed away at the grand old age of 188! Source: National Geographic Kids – 10 TOTALLY AWESOME FACTS ABOUT TURTLES!

  • Origami paper
  • Willing Hands
  • Wiggle Eyes (optional)
  1. Click on Printable for an easy to follow diagram for your Origami Turtle. White is the back of the paper and grey is the front in the diagram.
  2. Fold and crease paper in half. Open up.
  3. Turn over. Fold right top point down to center. Fold left point down to center. Crease.
  4. Turn Over. Bring the right side fold down to meet the center crease line but let the underneath point lie flat. See diagram. Repeat for left side.
  5. Fold the top down to meet the bottom point. Crease well.
  6. Then fold the top point up so it extends beyond the top fold.
  7. Fold the bottom right side corner to meet the middle crease line.
  8. Then fold it down so it extends beyond the bottom right fold. Crease well.
  9. Repeat for left hand side.
  10. Turn over. Fold the tip of the top point backwards to make the head. Fold the tips of the top right and top left point back to shape front feet. Crease well.
  11. Glue on wiggle eyes. (optional)

Enjoy your latest origami creation.

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