Make A Beaded Headband

Headband made with colorful pony beads in the shape of flowers

Make A Beaded Headband to match all your outfits as you head back to school. You’ll look stylish and set a trend that all your friends will want to follow. It would also make a great gift for a special friend.


Two beads made from ostrich eggshell were discovered by archaeologists in Tanzania in 2004, and are thought to be around 70,000 years old. They are believed to be the world’s earliest known beaded jewelry. Source: Boundless Beads – The History of Beads.

  • Pony Beads (actual amount will depend on size of head)
  • 5 yards Black 1mm or 2mm Round Elastic (actual amount will depend on size of head)
  • White Glue

  1. Decide on your color scheme and then get started.
  2. Stiffen ends of elastic with white glue. Let Dry.
  3. Slide the first two yellow beads to the middle of elastic. Then string 1 yellow , 1 black, and 1 yellow on to one side of the elastic (this is for the example shown). Using the other side of the elastic, string through the last three beads in reverse order. Pull snug. Continue with the third row until you have enough to go around your head.
  4.  Finish by forming headband into a circle and lacing back through the first beads. Tie off.
  5.  Put a drop of white glue on the knot. Let dry and trim.


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