Mother’s Day Beaded Key Chain Craft

DIY Beaded Keychain Craft for MOM

Hang around with Mom with this Mother’s Day Beaded Key Chain designed by the FreeKidsCrafts Team. It will keep her keys organized and remind her how much you think of her.


Did you know that our everyday keychains have their roots in ancient civilizations? Yes, you heard it right! Before they found a home in our pockets and purses, keychains started as luck tokens. Source: Couple Keychain – The Birth of Keychains: Tokens of Luck and Utility

  • Two Yards 1mm Cord
  • 84 Pink Mini Pony Beads
  • 32 Blue Mini Pony Beads
  • 2 Heart Pony Beads
  • Key Ring
  • Tacky Glue
  • Scissors
  1. Stiffen the ends of the cord with white glue. Let dry.
  2. Tie a lanyard hook or key ring to middle of the cord.
  3. On the right hand cord string on three pink pony beads. With the left hand cord go through the same beads in the opposite direction. Pull on both cords, tightening the beads up close to the key ring.
  4. Weave a second row with four pony beads. Continue weaving using the pattern as a guide.
  5. Tie off under the last row of beads.
  6. String on additional pony beads and a heart bead on each cord.
  7. Tie off and trim.


  1. When stiffening the end of your cord, make it at least an inch long to make it easier to string the beads.
  2. Have a toothpick on hand in case you need to push a stubborn cord through a pony bead.
Pattern: Click on picture below to open in a print window





One thought on “Mother’s Day Beaded Key Chain Craft”

  1. Ashley says:

    I love being creative and it comes from the heart and not a store.

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