Pony Bead Frog

Frog made with pony beads and pattern

If you are into beading chances are you have extra beads around the house so why not add this Pony Bead Frog to your collection.  These pony bead patterns make great decorations for your back to school backpack or key chain so get busy and make lots of them now.

  • 50 green beads
  • 12 yellow beads
  • 2 black beads
  • 3 yards satin cord
  • Metal lanyard hook
  1. Fold your cord in half to find the center.
  2. Use a half hitch (see detail below) to secure it to lanyard hook.
  3. Lace beads using pattern below as a guide.
  4. Finish by tying off with a double knot.

pony bead frog pattern

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