Father’s Day Nutty About You Photo Frame Craft

DIY frame decorated with nuts & bolts for kids to make

This Father’s Day Nutty About You Photo Frame is a great gift for the kids to make for Dad. He will be proud to display this special gift with his favorite kid’s picture wherever he works or at home.


The first  nuts and bolts appeared in the middle 1400’s. The bolts were just screws with straight sides and a blunt end. The nuts were hand-made, and very crude. When a match was found between a nut and a bolt, they were kept together until they were finally assembled.

  • Nuts
  • Dollar Store Frame
  • Hot Glue Gun
  • Paint and paintbrush (optional)
  • Photo
  1. If your dollar store frame is unpainted, be sure to paint it first.
  2. Glue miscellaneous nuts. to the front of the frame
  3. Select one of the sayings we have provided for you and glue it to the frame.
  4. Insert your favorite photo of you and Dad and you are all set.
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  1. Where are the Sayings?

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