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Sea Shell Wind Chime

Have the kids collect sea shells and make a Sea Shell Wind Chime to keep their summer memories all year long.  Each wind chime will be as unique as the sea shells collected. This craft was contributed by Teri Peterson who will always be a member of the FreeKidsCrafts Team.

Trivia: Sea shells are the protective casing around sea creatures called mollusks.


Sea Shells With Holes
Clear Fishing Line


Collect sea shell with holes and drift wood from your favorite beach.

Use the drift wood for the top base of your wind-chime.

String the shells onto the drift wood with clear fishing line. I found it easy to place the shells on a table in the order in which looks the best making knots at the holes of the shells.

String the fishing line at the top for hanging purpose.

Each wind chime will be unique because of the differences in the driftwood and shells.

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2 thoughts on
“Sea Shell Wind Chime”

  1. LaVonne says:

    I love the idea. I will make it with my grandson next time he is over. He is 9 years old and love to do crafts.

    1. Betty Bose says:

      This is one craft that you can both enjoy.

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Image of Sea Shell Wind Chime


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