Pony Bead Firefly Craft

Pony bead firefly craft

Summer is the time to look for Fireflies.  Make your own Beaded Firefly to hang on your backpack or purse and make the tail out of glow in the dark beads to glow when the lights are out.


When attacked, fireflies shed drops of blood in a process known as “reflex bleeding.” The blood contains chemicals that taste bitter and can be poisonous to some animals. Because of this, many animals learn to avoid eating fireflies.Pet owners should never feed fireflies to lizards, snakes and other reptilian pets.   Source: Firefly.org – FACTS ABOUT FIREFLIES

  • 11 Purple Pony Beads
  • 16 Light Blue Pony Beads
  • 2 Black Pony Beads
  • 12 Glow-in-the Dark Pony Beads
  • 1 Yard Satin Cord
  • 1 Lanyard Hook
  1. To make your Beaded Firefly, start by folding your cord in half to find the center.
  2. Use a half hitch (see detail below) to secure it to lanyard hook.
  3. Lace beads using the pattern above as a guide.
  4. Finish by tying off with a double knot.
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