Pony Bead Pencil Pattern

Pony Bead Pencil pattern.

Here is a Pony Bead Pencil Pattern that will show you the way to create this beaded pencil to hang on your backpack. Once you have mastered the pattern be sure to share it with all your friends or make one as a gift for them.


Unlike European artwork designed to stay in place and decorate a room, the nomadic nature of the Native Americans necessitated a combination of design and functionality. Their bead-based art existed in clothing, everyday objects, and their tents and horse tack. Source: Pow Wows – Native American Beadwork

  • Key Ring or Lanyard Hook
  • 5′ of Cord
  • 6 Black Pony Beads
  • 5 Tan Pony Beads
  • 6 Pink Pony Beads
  • 6 Silver Pony Beads
  • 28 Yellow Pony Beads
  1. Stiffen the ends of the cord with white glue. Let dry.
  2. Tie a lanyard hook or key ring to middle of the cord.
  3. On the right hand cord string on one black pony bead. With the left hand cord go through the same bead in the opposite direction. Pull on both cords, tightening the beads up close to the key ring. Repeat with the second row, stringing on 2 tan pony beads. Continue weaving using the photo as a guide.
  4. Tie off each cord close to the last bead.
  5. Dab a bit of white glue on each knot. Let dry. Trim.


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