Printable Daisy Crown

Daisy Crown with Emoji Faces

Make a flower crown to celebrate the arrival of Spring. This Printable Daisy Crown is easy and fun for young children to cut out and create. The shapes are simple and easy for young crafters to cut. What makes it even more fun are the Emoji faces that form the center of the Daisy.  Troop Leaders: This is a great craft for Daisy Scouts; just color the centers in yellow if you don’t want to use the emojis. Brownies might like to make these crowns for new Daisys joining a troop.

Most children enjoy making and wearing crowns so take a look at these other examples; Printable Apple Crown, Flower Power Headband or the Coloring Book Crown Craft.


The word Daisy translates to “days eye”. The Daisy was referred to as a “days eye” because of the way the flower petals curled inwards at night and then, spread wide in the morning. Source: Green and Vibrant – 23 Common Types of Daisies.

  1. Cut green construction paper into 2″ strips.
  2. Glue the ends together to form a crown that fits your head.
  3. Click on the flower pattern to open in a new window to print on the white construction paper.
  4. Click on the emoji pattern to open in a new window to print on the white copy paper.
  5. Cut out the daisies and emojis.
  6. Glue emoji faces to the center of the daisy.
  7. Glue completed daisy to crown using the picture as a reference.
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