Seashell Utensil and Napkin Holder Craft

Use seashells to make napkin and utensil holders

This Seashell Utensil and Napkin Holder is a perfect and useful decoration for your beach themed party. It is pretty and a recycling project too. This is a craft the whole family can get involved in from collecting their favorite seashells to assembling the finished project.


When it comes to the largest seashell in the world. the Australian Trumpet is said to be the largest. Their shells are known to grow up to 91 cm (or 35 inches) in length and weigh around an impressive 18kg (approx 39 lbs). Source: Discover Hervey Bay – What Is The Largest Seashell In The World?

  • Small Seashells
  • Sand
  • Clean, Dry Quart and Pint Food Containers with Lids
  • Tacky Glue
  • Low Temp Glue Gun
  1. Spread a thin layer of tacky glue around the bottom half of the food container.
  2. Roll in sand. Shake off extra. Let dry.
  3. Hot glue the lid to the bottom of the container to create a small rim around the bottom.
  4. Hot glue seashells all around.
  5. Use pint size container to hold napkins and quart size to hold plastic utensils




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