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Sea Shell Owl

My granddaughter, Jamie, was at Ocean City this weekend and came home with shells to make this adorable Sea Shell Owl. You may not find exactly the same sea shells, but keep your eyes open and bring home lots of shells to pick out the best ones for your own unique creation.

Trivia: Sea shells  are the protective casing around sea creatures called mollusks. Unlike humans, mollusks have their skeletons on the outside of their bodies.


Sea Shells
Tacky Glue or Hot Glue Gun
Wiggly Eyes
Piece of Driftwood
3 Decorative Buttons or Beads for nose and feet


Select best shell type for body. Make sure it is clean and shiny.

Glue small matching shells onto the body with outside of shell showing for wings.

Glue small matching shell to the top of the body shell with the inside showing. Position so that tips of shells meet. Use picture for reference.

When dry, glue wiggle eyes in the middle of the shells for eyes.

Glue shell body to driftwood.

When dry glue buttons or beads for beak and feet.

I think this is adorable and each owl will be unique based on the shells and decorative pieces you find. Happy shell hunting and crafting.


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Image of Sea Shell Owl


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