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Recycled Rain Stick Craft

Here’s a neat project that uses toothpicks and cardboard tubes to make a Recycled Rain Stick Craft! Just turn it upside down slowly to hear the ‘rain’ falling inside!


Paper towel roll
Colored pencils, markers, or crayons
Construction paper scraps
Push pin or large guage needle
Toothpicks (50+)
Cutting pliers
1-2 tablespoons dry rice

** Using pins or needles can be dangerous. Please have a grown-up do this step!**


Use colored pencils, markers, crayons, etc. to color the paper towel roll.

Using the push pin or sewing needle, poke many holes throughout the tube. You may want to wiggle the pin out of each hole to make it large enough for a toothpick.

Push toothpicks through one hole and out another on the opposite side. Vary the angle and position of the toothpicks. When finished, you should not be able to see clearly through the tube. (Requires many toothpicks, we estimate 40-50 or more per tube).

Put a dab of glue on each toothpick end. Allow to dry.

Using the cutting pliers, snip the sharp ends from the toothpicks.

When the glue is dry, trace the ends of the tube onto scraps of paper.

Draw 4 'tabs' coming out from the traced circle. Cut out circle with tabs.

Tape one circle to the bottom of the tube. Make sure to seal the end with tape. (Clear tape works best for us.)

Pour 1 tablespoon of rice into the tube.

Covering one end with your hand, slowly turn the tube over to hear the sound it will make.

Add more rice for more sound, or take some out - amount of rice depends on how you want it to sound!

Cover the open end of the tube with the remaining paper circle, making sure to seal the end so the rice doesn't come out.

Turn your 'Rain Stick' over gently to hear the sound of falling rain and enjoy!

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