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Ghost Windsock

Another great classroom project from the Free Kids Crafts Team! Very inexpensive and fun to bring home on the bus!



Two 9"x 12" White Craft Foam
1/2 Piece Black Craft Foam
Kid's Choice Glue, Low Temp Glue Gun, or Tacky Glue
Hole Punch
Stapler or Brass Fasteners
White String
White Plastic Bag (we used half of a tall kitchen bag)


Cut a plastic bag into 1" to 2" strips. Cut a ghostly face out of black craft foam. Glue it to the middle of one piece of white craft foam. Turn foam face upside down and glue strips of plastic bag all along the bottom edge of both pieces of foam.

Staple or fasten sides of foam together to make into the ghost head. Punch a hole in each side. Add a string to hang.

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