Eyeball Yo Yo

Yo Yo decorated with paint to look like an eyeball.

Yucky… but funny! Start a Yoyo eyeball spinning for lots of Halloween fun. It’s a simple adaptation of a familiar toy that will make the kids giggle as they prepare for Halloween night.


People love carving pumpkins at Halloween, but few know the jack-o-lantern’s dark history. According to Celtic lore, a miserly old man used to play tricks on the devil and was thus denied entrance to both heaven and hell. Instead, the old man was condemned to wander the Earth and used his lantern to lead people astray from their paths. Source: Fascinate.com – 45 Strange Facets About Halloween.

  • Wooden Yo-Yo
  • White, Green, Dark Green and Black Paint and Brush
  • Fine Point Red and Black Marker
  1. Paint a 1″ green circle in the middle of the yo-yo.
  2. Paint white all around the green. Let dry.
  3. Paint a black pupil in the middle with radiating dark green lines.
  4. Draw a line around the pupil with a black marker.
  5. Draw irregular red lines to make eyeball look bloodshot.

This craft is reprinted courtesy of Terri Bose of Making Friends.com.



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