Recycled Overalls Bag

Give those children’s overalls a second life and recycle them into a cool Recycled Overalls Bag. Start a new trend! Or make and donate them to organizations that will make sure they get to young people who will appreciate them. Check out the organizations outlined in DIY to Donate for suggestions.


An average American throws away approximately 80 pounds of used clothing per person per year. Source: The Balance – Textile and Garment Recycling Facts and Figures

  • Child’s overalls
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors

  1. For this project you will need a pair of old children’s overalls from a thrift store or your younger bother or sister. The larger the overalls the bigger your bag will be.
  2. If your overalls has any pockets on the front it will make a great little mobile phone pocket on the outside of your bag.
  3. Start by cutting the leg’s off, making sure to cut above the crutch or you will end up with a tuft.
  4. Turn the bag inside out and using an surger or a sewing machine sew across the bottom to close it up. Make sure you do 2 zig zag stitches on a sewing machine to strengthen it.
  5. Trim off any threads and turn the right way out.




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