Goofy Frankenstein Puppet

This goofy Frankenstein Puppet from paper plates will provide hours of Halloween fun. The kids can make up stories to go with their puppet and invite the Paper Plate Monster to join in the fun.

  • Green Plastic or Paper Plate
  • Black Plastic or Paper Plate
  • Black Marker
  • Large Wiggle Eyes
  • Jumbo Craft Stick (color with black marker if desired)
  • Black Pipe Cleaner
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  1. Cut jagged line across the top of a black plate for hair. Glue to back of the green plate.
  2.  Glue on eyes.
  3.  Draw in scars and mouth.
  4.  Take pipe cleaner and bend the ends to represent nuts and bolts and glue to front of green plate.
  5.  Glue puppet head to stick and have fun.



One thought on “Goofy Frankenstein Puppet”

  1. Terri L Christensen says:

    Not enough choices for halloween paper plate crafts

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