Printable Pumpkin Faces Craft

Printable Pumpkin Faces

These printable pumpkin faces are a fun project for the class to practice their cutting skills and make a  great bulletin board decoration. The kids will also have fun decorating their house with these fun pumpkin decorations.


The term jack-o’-lantern first was used for people. As early as 1663 the term meant a man with a lantern or a night watchman. Source: Crafty Moms Share – 10 Fun Facts About Jack-O’-Lanterns

  • Tall Pumpkin Pattern
  • Wide pumpkins Pattern
  • Facial Features Pattern
  • Stems
  • Yellow, Orange and Green Construction Paper or Card Stock
  1. Print pumpkins on orange paper.
  2. Print facial features on yellow paper and stems on green paper.
  3. Mix and match pumpkin features to glue on the pumpkins to create an entire pumpkin patch.
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