Puffy Gingerbread Ornament

Easy to Make Gingerbread Ornament

Who can resist a smiling Puffy Gingerbread Ornament?  This is another great handmade ornament to add to your collection. They make great package toppers for your holiday gifts too. This Gingerbread Ornament is an easy project for younger children to cut.


Did you know that in the court of Elizabeth I of England at a royal dinner gingerbread figures were made and presented in the likeness of some of her important guests. Source: Time.com – The Surprising Reasons Why Gingerbread Men Became a Holiday Classic

  • Scissors
  • Tissues (To stuff him)
  • Stapler
  • Glue
  • Rick Rack or Yarn
  1. Print two gingerbread men. Cut out on outer line.
  2. Staple all around the outside of the legs and the bottom of the arms.
  3. Stuff tissues into the legs, arms and body. Then staple the top of the arms and the sides of the head. Add more tissue stuffing. Finally staple the top of the head, stapling in a loop of yarn for hanging.
  4. Glue rick rack or yarn all around to hide the staples.
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