Cereal Turkey Craft

Back in 2008 we posted this contest winning Cereal Turkey and think it is worth showcasing again.  Thanks to  Tricia Buchholz, who was stationed at Camp Humphreys, Korea with the US Army (Her husband was active duty). She is a Registered Nurse and works for the New Parent Support Program on the post. With the help of a wonderful Volunteer, she is just starting a children’s art class for kids 6 and under to help develop fine motor skills.


Sometime between September 21 and November 9, 1621, after a long period of sickness and little food, the Pilgrims finally had a bounty of crops. They gave thanks for the fortune their hard work brought them by celebrating Harvest Home, an English tradition, on the last day of the harvest. We don’t know exactly why, but we do know that the Wampanoag leader Massasoit and about 90 of his men celebrated with the English for three days with feasting and entertainment. Source: We Are Teachers –  29 Thanksgiving Facts for Kids of All Ages

  • Paper
  • Crayons or markers
  • Glue
  • Cereal
  1. Draw the outline of a turkey (may use your hand as a guide) .
  2. Color the turkey.
  3. Glue your child’s favorite cereal in the stomach of the turkey

After the project is complete, sing the Albuquerque Turkey song with your child:

Albuquerque Turkey
(sung to the tune of “Clementine”)
Albuquerque is a turkey
And he’s feathered and he’s fine
And he wobbles and he gobbles
and he’s absolutely mine.
He’s the best pet that you can get..
Better than a dog or cat.
He’s my Albuquerque turkey
And I’m awfully proud of that.
He once told me, very frankly
he preferred to be my pet,
not the main course at my dinner,
and I told him not to fret.
And my Albuquerque turkey
is so happy in his bed,
‘Cause for our Thanksgiving dinner…
We had CEREAL instead!




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