Printable Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Printable Autumn Scavenger Hunt

Our Printable Autumn Scavenger Hunt makes the kids aware of the world around them and what is more fun than being out in nature when the seasons are changing and seeing all the bright colorful displays that Mother Nature has to show. Everybody needs a break to recharge their brain, so get out and everybody get some exercise and have fun!


The words autumn and fall were both born in Britain, and both emigrated to America. But fall was, by far, the more popular term for quite a long time. In fact, the “autumn” sense of fall wasn’t even entered into a dictionary until 1755, when Samuel Johnson first entered it in his Dictionary of the English Language. Source; Merriam Webster – Is It ‘Autumn’ or ‘Fall’?

  • White Paper
  • Color Printer
  • Pencil
  • Clipboard (optional)

Print out a copy of the scavenger hunt for each child. Give them a pencil and take them out for a nature walk to see what they can find. Make sure they mark off each item as they spy it.

If you have a clipboard for each child it will be easier for them to mark their pages and a string attaching the pencil will keep it from getting lost.

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