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Embossed Foil Frame

April 10th is Mother’s Day in the UK so we thought this Embossed Foil Frame would be a delightful project to make for all the wonderful Mums out there, especially when it comes with a picture of their children.


Heavyweight foil


Retractable ballpoint pen and pencil with eraser

Permanent felt markers


Pad of soft paper or cardboard

Hot Glue


Measure cardboard to be the size of your frame.  Make two pieces of cardboard the same size, one  for the backing and one for the frame. Make sure you have left enough room to cut out the opening  for your picture. Cut one piece of cardboard with an opening big enough for your selected picture.

Lay foil larger than your finished frame on soft pad or cardboard and create random design using end of pen with point retracted, cap of pen for the finder details and the eraser end of a pencil for larger impressions. Press firmly into the foil to create the design but be careful not to tear the foil.

When your  pattern is compete, take your permanent markers and color in the design.

Cover your cardboard frame with the finished embossed foil. Be sure to leave enough foil to wrap around the edges of the frame with the opening for the picture to show through.

Use hot glue sparingly around three edges of the frame and glue the second piece of cardboard to the frame. Do not glue the top edge, leave it open so you can slide your photo in

Editor\'s note: When you are cutting materials with 45 degree angles, cut a slit on the diagonal into each of the corners of the covering material and you will have a smooth finish when you wrap the foil around the frame.

You can create a stand for your photo frame by attaching a tapered piece of cardboard half way up the back with a single line of glue at the top of the piece.

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