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Duct Tape Recycled Sit Upon

Dad’s special places are not usually condusive to fancy furniture. However the garage, shed or basement hideaways are the perfect place for this Recycled Duct Tape Seat. On top of that he can use it for storage too.


Large empty container. (ours had kitty litter)


Duct tape (We used solid colors and patterns)

Exacto Knife


Cover base of pail with patterned duct tape. Be patient and go slow so you have less wrinkles. Patterns help because the wrinkles are not as obvious. We left the top of the base in it's natural color and matched the seat tape to it.

Turn the top upside down an draw a pattern and cut out the padded foam to fit. Tape foam down with duct tape working slowly and molding the ends to fit the curve.

Cut a strip of matching tape to go around the ends of the tape covering the seat and you hve a wonderful and useful gift for Dad on Father's Day or for your own use.

Cut a small X in the top with an exacto knife to allow the air to escape when you sit on it.

Note: This can be a great camping seat that you can fill with supplies.

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2 thoughts on
“Duct Tape Recycled Sit Upon”

  1. Susie says:

    Can u still completely close the,lid?

    1. Betty Bose says:

      Yes it makes a great storage container too.

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