Pom Pet Craft

DIY yarn pet craft

These cute little Pom Pets will be a great friend to take along on car rides or any mode of travel and you can make them from recycled materials or left over scrapes. They can also be companion pets to take to the doctor or in stressful situations. Unlike real companion animals these pets don’t need special papers to accompany little ones. If you don’t have supplies left over, take a trip to the Dollar Store for inexpensive materials.


Companion animals are used for company, amusement, psychological support, extrovert display and all of the other functions that humans need to share with animals of other species.

  1. Yarn
  2. Scissors
  3. Jumbo Craft Sticks
  4. Wiggle Eyes
  5. Hot Glue
  6. Mini Coffee Tin or Small Box
  7. Scraps of foam or construction paper

  1. Using the photos as a guide create your own pom pom maker by gluing the jumbo craft sticks together as pictured.
  2. Wrap yarn around and tie in the middle as  pictured.
  3. Cut yarn at both ends and fluff out your pom pom.
  4. Glue on Wiggle eyes.
  5. Wrap container in foam or construction paper  and decorate with scraps of materials. I used an International Coffee tin that contains flavored coffee for this cute Pom Pet.



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