DIY Hide-A-Safe for Dad

Turn a recycled jar into a safe for Dad.

Make this Hide-A-Safe for Dad as his secret hiding place to stash his special funds for fun times with his kids. This special jar is also a good place for him to keep his jewelry while working on messy jobs so they won’t get covered with grease, paint, dirt. etc.


The earliest recorded use of a ‘safe’ dates back to the 13th century BC, in the tomb of Pharaoh Ramesses II. It was made from wood and had movable pins that dropped into holes to lock the safe, much the same as used on safes today. 2 Centuries later, safes had become commonplace and were made of oak with bands of iron. Source: CSG UK – A History of Safes

  • Medium Size Wide Mouth Jar (we used a salsa jar)
  • Twine
  • Vinyl Letters Spelling “DAD”
  • Low Temp Glue Gun
  • Nuts and Bolts
  • Empty Toilet Paper Tube
  • Scrap of Cardboard
  1. Cut the empty cardboard tube to the same height as the jar.
  2. Cut a circle out of cardboard that will fit inside the jar and rest on the bottom of the jar. Glue the cardboard tube on end to the middle of the cardboard circle. Set inside the jar.
  3. Fill all around the tube with nuts and bolts leaving the tube empty.
  4. Glue twine all around the edge of the jar top beginning on the bottom side of the lip. Continue gluing and wrapping twine until the top is completely covered.
  5. Glue on the vinyl letters to spell “DAD”.

Now everytime Dad adds to his secret stash he will think of you and smile.



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