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Dad’s Eyeglass Holder

This Eyeglass Holder is a gift that Dad will appreciate and really use for a long time.


Eyeglass Pattern
8" x 8" piece of Imitation Leather
2 Yards Rat-tail Satin Cord
Gold Paint Marker
1/8" Hole Punch
Tacky Glue


Click on Printables and print Eyeglass Pattern. Cut out. Trace around pattern onto the reverse side of the imitation leather. Mark holes by pushing pen through paper and leaving a mark on the back of the imitation leather. Punch out holes where marked.

Stiffen ends of cord with tacky glue. Let dry. Fold imitation leather piece in half. Begin lacing by tying a knot on the inside bottom by the fold. Whip stitch case in half along the bottom and up the side. At the top curve, stitch only through one side of the case. When you get to the fold double back along the other side of the case. Tie off when you reach the side. Dab a  bit of glue on the knots. Let dry. Trim close to knot.

Use gold paint marker to draw sailboat or other decoration on the corner of the case.

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Image of Dads Eyeglass Holder


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