Dad Memo Board & Key Rack

Bulletin board and key chain to make for Father's Day

Father will appreciate this  Dad Memo Board & Key Rack to help them stay on track. We went to the Dollar store again and found all of our supplies for this great Father’s Day Gift. Mom’s aren’t the only ones who need help being organized and your gift will be appreciated every day.

  • Cork board
  • Duct tape
  • Cup hooks
  • Nails
  • Push Pins
  • Wire nuts
  • Small length of chain
  • Pencil
  • Hammer
  1. Tape over the edges of the frame with duct tape to give it that rugged look.
  2. Attach a small length of chain on the back with screws or hot glue.
  3.  Cover push pins with wire nuts normally used to connect two wires.
  4.  Hammer two nails at the bottom front of the frame to hold a pencil
  5.  Screw cup hooks into the bottom of the frame to hold Dad’s keys.
  6.  Take the back off of a post-it pad and stick the pad on the cork board.
  7.  Now you have a memo board that Dad will be proud to hang in his special space.

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