Printable 2020 July Coloring Calendar

Printable July 2020 Coloring Calendar for kids

Summer activities can be kept on schedule with our Printable 2020 July Coloring Calendar. Whether you are planning events at home or away, when kids have their own personal calendar it encourages them to stay on schedule. Anticipation is also an important part of any activity, it adds to the excitement.


Fireworks became a part of official celebrations, from the annual “Girandola” fireworks display at the Castello Sant’Angelo in Rome to the 1533 coronation of Anne Boleyn as Queen of England. Source: Time-How Fireworks Became a Fourth of July Tradition

  • White Paper
  • Printer
  • Crayons, Markers or Colored Pencils

Set your children down in a comfortable space and supply them with their favorite coloring materials and let them color any way they want.

When the coloring is finished help them fill in any activities they have scheduled for July. Weekly reviews of what is happening that week will keep them looking forward with excitement to upcoming events.

Post the calendar some place where they can easily read it every day.

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