Printable Father’s Day Emoji “Poop” Card

Father's Day Card with Big and Small poop slime

This Printable Father’s Day Emoji “poop” Card will tickle the funny bone of Dads and kids; especially boys! It may not be for everybody but for those with a sense of humor this will hit the spot.


The fourth largest greeting card occasion of the year is Father’s Day with over 87 million cards being sent. Source: – 15 fun Father’s Day facts

  • White Card Stock
  • Color Printer
  • Model Magic *or Air Dried Clay (Recipe below)
  • Slime Coloring *(this tends become lighter when it dries)*
  • Wiggle Eyes
  • Latex or Rubber Gloves

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  1. Click on the printable card and print on card stock. Fold in half and set aside.
  2.  Make air dried clay according to the recipe below or use model magic and color with brown slime coloring. Be sure to use your gloves to avoid getting the coloring on your hands.
  3. Roll out out two tubes one longer than the other
  4. Using the picture as a reference, coil to look like a pile of poop squeezing the end as shown.
  5. Add wiggle eyes and let dry.
  6. Place on your printable card using the photo as a reference.

Present to Dad on Father’s Day and listen to him roar with laughter.


Click on a image below to open it in a new window to print









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