Sleep Mask Sewing Craft

Easy to make felt sleep mask

This fun Sleep Mask is great for those kids who have trouble sleeping with light in the room. It will also make a great Mother’s Day gift for Mom when she wants to sleep in on the weekend…oh and make one for yourself.


Cats sleep for 75% of their lives. Every surface is a bed to them. Source: Dreams – 22 Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know About Sleep

  • Pattern
  • Felt
  • Elastic Head Band
  • Batting
  • Stapler
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Fabric Glue or Needle and Thread
  1. Fold felt in half.
  2.  Print out eye mask pattern and staple to the folded felt. Cut out. Save scraps.
  3.  Place the head band between the two pieces of felt. Stitch or glue as indicated by the dotted line. Leaving the openings as shown. Head band should not be glued. It should be loose inside the eye mask to stretch.
  4.  Stuff with batting. Stitch or glue the bottom opening closed.
  5. Use contrasting felt scraps to decorate.
Patterns, Templates and Printables

Click on a pattern to open it in a new window to print in the correct size


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  1. Diane Green says:

    So cute and perfect for our craft day!

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